AJHS Integrating Technology Break-Out Sessions
Session 1: 8:30-10:00
Session 2: 10:00-11:30(English Department will not enroll for 2nd time slot, instead you will attend "Books that Don't Bore 'Em")

SchoolWorld: General communication with students and families through SchoolWorld -- The basics for setting up your website. Elizabeth Francois, Room 212, max enrollment 35 (Available during session 1 only)Click here to register in PU

Social Bookmarking: A resource center for organizing and sharing websites through Diigo -- The basics to set up your Diigo account. Sandy will also introduce some great resources for you to keep in your bookmark collection.Sandy Rollefstad, Room A123, max enrollment 32
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Daily Assessment: Checking for understanding, surveying, and formative assessment through Google Forms. We may also spend some time on creating templates, an easy way to assign projects, documents, etc. through the template feature of Google Apps. This is great for Differentiated Instruction, scaffolding, etc.
Erik Nesheim, Room 186, max enrollment 30
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Online 21st Century Collaborations: Evaluating resources online and finding appropriate 21st century collaborations on PBL & Essential Questions
Ed Matlosz, Room B107, 30 max
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Student Collaboration Projects: How to use Prezi for student collaboration on presentations and successful evaluation tips.
Lynne Cook, Room Tech Center 184, 30 max (Available during session 1 only)

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Copyrights & Creative Commons: How do we select photos, video, and multi-media and properly attribute credit to owners using Creative Commons licenses? We will also explore Internet Safety, Netiquette, and Digital Citizenship: How do we model and foster digital citizenship and online safety in our classrooms?

Jerry Paterson, Room A107, 30 max
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Modeling and Low-prep & High Impact strategies: Learn how to use our doc cams to model, capture in video, and other low-prep/high impact strategies such as a 21st century KWL, exit cards, …
Sarah Harrison, Room B113, 30 max
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